Substance Abuse Prevention and Education:
When:   Tuesdays  
Time:    6:00PM
Cost:     $20 ea module (10-15 modules)
(2 Drug Urinalysis Required @ $25 each)
Facilitator: Irene Bauer, CACD-M
This program is lead by a certified advance  alcohol and drug clinician.  The group is designed to assist individuals identify how using substances has led to negative consequences in their lives and motivate change.

Please contact the front desk at (810) 686-7313 to register for the next upcoming module.


Anger Management/Domestic Violence:

​When:  Tuesdays
Time:    5:00PM

Cost:     $20 ea module (10-26+ modules)

Facilitator:     Irene Bauer, CADC-M

This program is designed to assist individuals identify how to use anger management skills effectively to regain control of their anger issues.

Please contact the front desk at (810) 686-7313 to register for the next upcoming module.

Clio Area Senior Center - ​Grief and Loss Support Group

This meeting is held the 3rd Thursday of each month
This group meets at the Senior Center located at: 2136 W Vienna Rd, Clio 48420
Please call the Senior Center for more information: (810) 687-7260

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